Saturday, February 1, 2014

Window to the Soul Banner Contest

This contest is closed.

     Today is our official initiation, and in honor of that, we will have our first art contest. If you look up at the top of the page you will see that all we have is a black image with the title and subtitle of the blog. Obviously, this is not what we want to have permanently. So, the theme of this contest, is "windows". Incorporate them how you wish, be creative! Simply keep in mind our title and you'll be good. The winner will have their art displayed as our banner. Remember, we will want a place to have the title and subtitle. We will do this ourselves normally, but if you've a particular idea of the text, go ahead and place it yourself! We'd love to see it done imaginatively.

Include "Banner Contest" in the subject line of your email

Attach as a PNG, GIF, or PSD

Your submission may be drawn, painted, digital art, etc. colored or non colored (Though we are more likely to accept a colored submission, but don't let that discourage your from submitting uncolored art. Remember, we are just beginning, so we'll have rather few submissions, and colored or not, we want to see a well-done submission)

Your name, or pen name, may ONLY appear in the body of the email. If your name is in the submission (which we actually encourage) simply use the Blur tool in Photoshop or some other method, we'll understand why that part looks funny. You should attach a second version in your original email for us to use, should you win.

Your submission must NOT be pornographic. This site is run by teens, we don't want anything that makes us feel like throwing up. A submission that is inappropriate but does not show nudity will not be automatically disqualified, but has little chance of winning, depending on how inappropriate.

We reserve the right to not have a winner, if none of the submissions are of sufficient quality. However, we are more likely to extend the deadline.

We ask the winner for the right to display their work on our website as the banner until we decide to cease displaying it. (Thus the winner cannot ask us not to display their work) However, if you ask that your work no be displayed, then that will apply if you are an honorable mention. If you haven't seen our previous newsletter, then you should know that we like honorable mentions.

The entry must be your own work. We are not responsible for any copyright infringements. You may submit a collaborative work if the others have agreed to it being submitted and you were an integral part of the creation. (For example, if one of you did the drawing, and the other drew over and colored it on the computer)

There are no fees or age requirements.

 We ask that the winning entry not be submitted or used elsewhere unless we decide to stop using it. (If you would like to be notified if/when we decide to stop using it, let us know in your beginning email) All rights remain with the honorable mentions, we only ask to display in in the newsletter and on the blog. However, you can ask that we not do that and we won't.

You may include a short bio, as well as a photo of yourself, if you wish. You may also include your Twitter handle, Facebook page, website/blog address, etc. This can either be in your bio or elsewhere in the email.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but not previous submissions, this does not include a closed forum or a website/blog with low traffic. (Meaning that it can be something that is under consideration elsewhere)

The contest deadline is March 20th, winters will be announced on April 1st.

The winners will be shown here as well as in the newsletter.

Send your entries to windowtothesoulcontests[at] Any questions may be sent to the same email.


  1. Well, we were trying to keep quiet on this, but we actually didn't get any entries. We're looking for something to put up now. :)

  2. oh, jeez. :P I had something, but it's didn't scan in very well. and i thought Josie would do something and win anyway. ;)

    1. Haha, well, maybe next year. I know what you mean about the scanning, it can be hard to get it to work sometimes.