Guest Posts

If anyone is interested in writing a guest blog post, we're interested in having it! Catsi and I pretty much have it covered for prose, (though a new perspective is always appreciated!) but for poetry and art we could use some help.

Anyone who writes a guest post (that we accept) will be advertised in our newsletter. You can advertise your book, website, services, etc. We also allow a short bio, which we will include in your post, where you can put some links. We reserve the right to decide which ads to include in our newsletter, though we will notify you if we reject yours so that you may come up with a new one.

To clarify, this means that when you write a blog post for us, we will 1, let you include a bio with links to your website, Twitter, etc., which will appear both in the newsletter and on the website, 2, we will put an advertisement of yours in our newsletter. Both of these are optional, and can include one image each. (Of good quality, please, and nothing inappropriate.) We are not required to run your ad if we decide it isn't appropriate or relevant. We interpret "relevant" loosely, as your book, writer's website, etc. would work fine. But if it's about your soap-making side job, we probably won't include it. Please, no advertisements for erotica books.

Know something in one of those areas but not certain where to start? An essay on how to write a particular type of poem would be great for poetry, and art tutorials (written and preferably with pictures, but if you have a video as well we can include a link, or it could just be a video.) for art would be perfect.

If you're interested in having your guest post published here, go ahead and email it to windowtothesoulcontests[at], and we'll let you know if we can have it.


Include your name (or pen name) in the body of the email

Include short bio

Include blog or website, either in bio or with your name

Post lengths vary based on subject, so just look at our other stuff and try to keep it reasonable.

Post should be as an attachment in docx. doc. or txt. format

Photos and images are not only allowed, but appreciated. If you have any that work with your post, please include them in PSD, PNG, or JPEG format.

"____ guest post" (The ____ should be the category of your guest post, either poetry, prose, or art) should be in the subject line

No swear words or inappropriate references.