Here are the basic guidelines for our contests. Note, however, that they do not apply to our first contests, but only to later ones. Also, these are the usual guidelines, but don't always apply, so read each contest's guidelines before entering.

Include the name of the contest in the subject line

Include a short author bio, if you wish

Your name or pen name should be in the body of the email ONLY

Stories or poetry should be as an attached docx. doc. or txt. format and art should be in PNG, GIF, JPEG, or PSD

We love 3D art, and welcome it in our art competitions, but it has to be in the above formats.

All entries must be PG-13 or better

Winners will be announced two months after the contests is opened. The winners can be seen here or in the newsletter.

There are no font or formatting requirements, if you win it will be re-formatted anyway. However, if the font and such are important to the piece, let us know in the email.

There are never any age or other requirements (unless specifically stated), though if you are under 18 you should have your parent's permission to enter.

There are no fees, unless otherwise stated

All rights remain with the creator, we only ask to place winning and other exemplary submissions on our blog and in our newsletter, unless otherwise stated.

Because many publications for stories and poetry do not accept things that have been previously published in any way, you may ask that your submission not be displayed. (This applies to art as well)

Your submission should not contain any identifying information. With art, if you have your name please edit it out. We will understand why there is a block of bad color or blurry words. (If you do not wish to simply color over it you can use the Blur tool in Photoshop to make the words illegible) If you would like you can supply a second image with your name visible for if you win.

We assume that the entrant owns all copyrights to their submission or has obtained permission from all other parties to enter their work. However, that does not mean that you can't enter something that someone else has worked on, but you must have been an integral part to the making of the entry, and the other contributors must have given their consent.

We allow previous and simultaneous submissions unless otherwise stated.

If you have any question, email us at windowtothesoulcontests[at]

Current Contests:

Dangling Participle Contest

The stories submitted must have a dangling participle, but it has to make sense.

Past Contests:

Acrostic Poem Contest

For acrostic poems of any theme.

2015 Banner Contest

A new contest to replace the current banner.

Sacrifice Short Story Contest

Must be a short story with some element of sacrifice. Our first contest with a prize other than publicity.

Holiday Poem Contest

For poetry about any holiday, from Christmas Day to Caviar Day.

Autumn Contest

Submit a piece of any kind--poem, prose, or artwork--that is autumn themed.

Patriotism Poetry Contest

Any kind of poem is allowed, as long as it has "patriotism" as a central theme.

Mother Art Contest

Your submission must be a drawing that has some quality of motherhood.

Synopsis Contest

Your submission should be a 30-word synopsis of a novel you have written or are planning to write.

Haiku Contest

The submission must be a haiku. To see what a haiku is, see here.

Window to the Soul Banner Contest

The winner's submission will replace the banner at the top of the blog.

New Year Resolutions Contest

The submission must have New Years resolutions as an integral part of the story.

Writing prompt contest for teens

Entrants must be teens and write a story based on the prompt given.