About Us

Window to the Soul is a contest blog for artists, writers, and poets run by Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley and Catsi Eceer. Our contests are aimed at teens, but not restricted to them.

Catsi Eceer, or Cat, mostly writes fantasy and dystopian novels, but she dabbles a bit in historical fiction, adventure, and sci-fi. Manga is her area of “expertise,” although her art is anything but “expert.” She loves helping others develop their writing, and even though she is a self-titled “rubbish critiquer,” she’s always open to reading others’ work. In addition to her work on this blog, she has a steady column in Tale Magazine and spends most of her free time writing and re-writing her novels.

Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley is a fantasy and dystopian writer like Cat, but leaning towards fantasy. She is currently writing a dark fantasy novel, as well as wolf novel with a friend. She dabbles in drawing and archery, though not as much as she would like. She is aiming to be come a professional free-lance editor and non-fiction article writer, though she is still early on in the process, and is planning to self-publish in the future.