Thursday, May 1, 2014

Haiku Contest Winner

     I am proud to announce the winning poem of our haiku contest!

The grey morning fog
Rakes its fingers on the ground
Trying to hold on

     Some of you may recognize this as the poem posted in the comments on my "How to Write a Haiku" post, and indeed, it is. Congratulations to our winner, Rosemary Mucklestone. Rosey is a historical fiction and sci-fi writer, and you can find her prose works here.
     Everyone congratulate our winner! Good luck for next time, everyone! Our next contest is an art one, the theme being "Mothers", and we have a prose one going on right now (you can find that one here). If you're really more of a poet, sign up for our newsletter, it's up on the right here, and we'll email you June first with a new poetry contest.


  1. Yay! *grin!* thanks, guys!

    1. Thank /you/ for entering. :)

    2. Ditto! Oh, and I'll do that advertising I promised as reward this weekend, okay? I haven't had internet for a while, but that's remedied.