Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year Resolutions Contest

This contest is closed.

     I know that these contests have all been for prose, but don't worry, our next one will be art and the one after that I'll make sure is poetry. So, this one is to write a story about New Year resolutions. Somehow they should tie into the story, but the rest can be whatever you want. So, the rules.

Maximum word count is 5,000 words

"New Year Resolutions" must be in the subject line

Attach the story to the email in docx., doc., or txt. format

There should be no identifying information in the story

Your submission must be PG-13 at least

Send it to windowtothesoulcontests[at]

There are no formatting requirements

There are no eligibility requirements, accept that you must own the submission. If you are under 18 you should have your parent's permission to enter.

You may include a bio if you wish, which will be shown if you win. You may also include your blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

There is no entry fee

Because many contests and publications will not accept anything that has been published previously, you can ask for your story not to be displayed on our website or newsletter. If you do, we will only show your pen name and the title of your story.

I will give feedback on all entries and the winner will receive an in-depth critique

All rights remain the author's. Unless we are asked not to, we will display the entry and the entrant's pen name and bio on our website and in the newsletter.

The deadline is midnight on the 30th, so you'd better hurry!

Update! The deadline has been extended to midnight on January 3rd, same as the writing prompt contest below.

Updated again! Deadline is now midnight, January 10th.

Oh, and I'll be judging. (check the bottom of the post)

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