Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Contest

This contest is closed.

     First of all, welcome back to the Window to the Soul contest blog! The hiatus is over, and we're happy to be back to our contests and articles. If you're wondering why some of the changes we promised aren't here, I'll have to admit that the new image I simply didn't have time to make, and I don't have a Paypal account, so no ads, and thus not cash prizes yet. (To be clear, we wouldn't have had any immediately after getting ads anyway.) So, I apologize for that, and it's purely my fault, not's Catsi's.
     Anyway, we decided to begin again with a contest for everyone! The theme is "autumn". Write a story or poem with fall as a central theme, or maybe give us a drawing or painting. Anything works, and we will take a winner from each category. And don't worry if you want to draw something but also write a poem, you can submit any number of things to any number of categories! (Though I have to warn you, if you submit zero things, your chances of winning aren't very good.) The prize is as much publicity as we can give you. (Unless you would rather we didn't, that's fine too.)
     Include "autumn contest" in the subject line

     Submit to

     Stories and poetry must be in doc., docx., or txt. format and images must be in PNG, GIF, JPEG, or PSD

     3-D art is welcome, though please submit it in one of the above formats, not a blend file or something

     Photography also works

     You may include a short (200 word) bio if you wish

     Links (website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) may also be included, either in the bio or separately

     Submissions must be PG-13 or cleaner

     All rights remain with you, though we ask that we be allowed to display your submission on the blog and in the newsletter. If you would rather that we didn't, let us know, it won't affect your chances.

     You submission should not contain any identifying information. You may sign your art, but please use the Blur tool or something to make it illegible, and have an alternate one with a legible one for if you win. (Optional)

     You must own all rights to the material, or have permission for the other creators, and must be an important part of its creation

     Previous and simultaneous submissions are welcome

     The deadline is November 20th

     Any questions? Comments? Either way, I can't wait to see your submissions! Fall is most certainly my favorite season.


  1. Yay! I think I'll probably do art on this one. :)

    1. Neat, can't wait! We've already got a poetry submission, but no art or prose.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, we did. Hmm, I had planned previously to do as other contests did and not respond to them until we've finished judging, but I think we'll do differently. From now on, we'll respond to let you guys know when we've read your entry. :)

    2. Thanks! I think that's a good idea. :) And I've entered plenty of contests, and it's about 50/50 for getting confirmation or no. Just fyi. ;)