Monday, July 28, 2014


Post by Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley, co-founder

     Hello everyone. As all of you who know what the word "hiatus" means have probably guessed, we're taking a break. We will not announce any new contests until October 1st or post any new articles until October 4th. I know that that's a long time, but because contests stay active for two months, we kind of have to if we want to have any kind of substantial break.
     Why are we doing this? Well, multiple reasons, some of which are the fact that we have a lot of school (yeah, we're both still in high school), we want to be more prepared when posting contests and articles, and that we want to kind of re-think things. Don't worry, we will be back, and we'll be better! We plan to have the articles written earlier, so that we have more time to go over them for spelling and such, we're going to try to get more guest posts, a new and much cooler banner, and we'll also have one, or possibly two, ads on the website. While that last one may seem like a bad thing, it actually means that we'll be able to start having cash prizes occasionally, and we still don't plan on having any entrance fee. Neat, huh? I know how hard it is to find a contest that doesn't have an entry fee, but does have a cash prize, and isn't obviously some sort of scam.
     So, for these reasons, we will not be seeing you until October, but remember, we're still happy to answer any questions, receive guest posts, and we still have a contest open. See you in October!


  1. I'm gonna miss you guys! *hug* Think up good stuff while you are on break! hey, you know, if you want I can do a guest post once you get back on, if you want.

    1. Thanks. :) Also, thank you for being such a loyal follower, you're the only one who really replies to these. We'll be sure to have a lot of ideas.
      Thank you! That'd be awesome.