Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holiday Poetry Contest

Post by Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley, co-founder

This contest is now closed.

     Hello everyone! Had a fun Halloween? I sure did, though no one recognized my costume. Seriously, how many creatures have a tail that splits into two? (I was Espeon, by the way.) Because of this wonderful, festive time of year (Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) Catsi had the wonderful idea of a holiday-themed contest. We're not picky, so you can make it about any holiday you'd like! Valentines Day, Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Caviar Day... I'm not kidding, that last one is real. Look up "holiday calendar" and you'll find more than enough to write about. Anyway, this is a poetry contest. Any kind of poetry (including freestyle)  on any holiday. They can even be mythical holidays. The prize is, as always, as much publicity as we can give you, unless you ask us not to.

     Include "holiday contest" in the subject line

     Submit to

     Submissions must be attached in doc., docx., or txt format

     You may include a short, 200 word, bio, plus a picture

     You may also include links, either in your bio or separate from them

     Submissions must be PG-13 or cleaner

     ALL rights remain with the creator, we only ask that we be allowed to display your poem and bio on the website and newsletter, but if you would rather we didn't, let us know in the email. It will not impact your chances of winning.

     Please do not include your name in the attached document, only in the body of the email

     You must be the sole creator of your poem, or have the permission of all the other creators and have been an integral part of making it

     Previous and simultaneous submissions are welcome

     You may submit as many pieces as you'd like

     The deadline is December 20th

     Results will be published January 1st

     I can't wait to see what you guys make! With any luck, we'll have those ads up soon, meaning occasional cash prizes! Remember, if you have any questions, you can either comment down here, or email us at the same address as you submit to.

We have one other contest open, this one for not only poetry, but art and prose as well! See details here.


  1. If my only means of submitting is rtf, I can't submit--right? Thanks
    Janice Canerdy

    1. Every computer has some way to use txt. If you have Notepad or a similar program, one where you can't change the fonts or add bold or italics, then just copy and paste it into that. If your story has italics, just put "/" at the beginning and end of the italicized words.