Saturday, March 1, 2014

Haiku Contest

This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced May 1st.

Post by Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley, co-founder

     Hello everyone! The haiku article seems to have attracted a fair bit of attention, so now we're going to have a contest of them! (If you missed that post, you can see it here.) It can be on any theme you want, as long as it's a haiku. So, here's the submission guidelines. Yeah, I know, it's long, and kind of random, we'll find a way to organize them later, but for now, the things that will get you disqualified are generally at the top.

Your submission must be a haiku. If you don't know what a haiku is, see here.

Include the "Haiku Contest" in the subject line.

Include a short author bio, if you wish, of less than 200 words. You can include your Twitter handle, Facebook page, website, etc. either in your bio or on the side.

Your name or pen name should be in the body of the email ONLY.

Your submission should be as an attached dox. doc. or txt.

The contest will close on April 20th. Winners will be announced on May 1st. The winners can be seen here or in the newsletter.

There are no font or formatting requirements, if you win it will be re-formatted anyway. However, if the font and such are important to the piece, let us know in the email and we won't.

There are no age requirements.

There is no entry fee.

All rights remain with the author, we only ask to place winning and other exemplary submissions on our blog and in our newsletter.

Because many publications for poetry do not accept things that have been previously published in any way, you may ask that your submission not be displayed and we won't. This doesn't stop you from winning, and we'll still put your author bio in there.

Your submission should not contain any identifying information.

All rights remain with the creator.

It must be your own work.

We allow previous and simultaneous submissions.

You can submit as many haiku as you want.

Send your email to windowtothesoulcontests[at] Any questions should be sent there as well.

Because you can't really critique a haiku that isn't just plain wrong, we will instead advertise you by Tweeting your haiku along with your links, and posting them to Facebook.
We will give feedback on all submissions.

We also have an art contest, for anyone who's interested. Deadline is March 20th, and the winner's entry will replace our banner, the thing up top that says "Window to the Soul" on it. You can find the guidelines here.

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