Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Banner Contest

Post by  Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley, co-founder

     This is a new year, and so we continue the tradition that we began last year. Yup, Window to the Soul has existed for a fully year, officially, a bit longer, unofficially. I would like to thank Catsi Eceer for helping me to find a title back in late 2013, and then offering to be co-owner of this blog. I seriously could not have managed this without you. It simply would have been too much work to do the weekly posts together with the contests. It was even you who suggested that we start off with the weekly posts, whereas I had planned to start them far later. Thanks to you, Window to the Soul Contest Blog still exists.
     So, for the contest. This time, you will be submitting art (This could be 3-D, photography, drawings, paintings, etc., even moving GIFs) for us to use as our banner (the thing at the top) for 2015! Your information will be kept in the About Us page, even after your banner has been replaced in 2016, so that our banner will act as a little portfolio for you. You can have our title and subtitle in the image, or simply leave room for it.

     Include "banner" in the subject line.

     The image must be wider than it is tall. While it is not required, we would prefer the image to be as wide as the current banner, or preferably wider.

     The image must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF. I'm afraid PSD is no longer accepted.

     If you have a signature on the image (recommended) please provide two versions, one with the signature visible, and one with it illegible.

     Please keep your images PG-13 or better. Also, remember that we are both girls, and will not be impressed, though certainly insulted, by images that showcase a girl's body the way it is so common in modern art.

     You must own the rights to the images, or have permission from the other creators, and you must have been an integral part to the creation of the image.

     We maintain the right to not declare a winner if none of the submissions are of sufficient quality, and to decide what that entails.

     The winner gives us the right to display the image as our banner, on this blog, in our newsletter, and for things such as advertisement until we hold another banner contest. We can also modify the image, but we cannot remove the signature. With the maker's permission, we will continue to display the image in the post announcing the winner and in the "About Us" page (or wherever we decide to keep the record of post winners of this contest) in order to give them more publicity.

     Multiple and simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged.

     You may, and are encouraged, to include a short bio of 150 words or less. And image and links to your social media and/or website can also go with this.

     Send all questions and submissions to

We have another contest currently open, click here to see the rules. It is a prose contest with the theme "sacrifice".

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