Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Poetry Contest Winner

Post by Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley, co-founder

     Happy new year, everyone! And congratulations of the winner of our Holiday Poetry Contest! You were asked to send us poems about any holiday you could think of, and you did. Let's have a drumroll, please. Our winner is...

     Jade Sparks! Well done, Jade. And this isn't your first time winning one of our contests, now is it? Anyway, here was the winning entry:

Veteran’s Day
By Jade Sparks

Strong and brave
Their lives they gave
All hell broke loose
No hope of a truce

Youths that fought
Parents that shot
Lakes of thick blood
Bullets like a flood

Screams of the dying
Snarls of the lying
The bellows of guns
The sacrifice of sons

A mother's loud cry
A sisters desperate 'why'
Freedom had its cost
Love ones had been lost

Terrors eat the mind
Bodies they could not find
Limbs that were no more
Fire, blood, and gore

Man's innocence snatched away
The price they did pay
For generations to be free
And hope of a child's destiny

     I am a Christian writer, who wants to glorify God with the talent He has given me. The LORD is my inspiration and my rock. He has shown me many things about the world and the many different people in it. Without Jesus, I would be a writer without a pen, staring at a blank page and wondering what to do with it. My favorite things in the world are pens and paper. When you put the two together, wonderful things are created.

     My vision is to give kids and young adults clean books and touching poems. There are many books out there for these age groups that certainly should not be there. Why take a child's innocence away when there are many other ways to entertain a child? I wish to help children love history by adding small elements of it into my literature and give teens positive messages. I have been told I have an old soul and I believe God gave me it to bring Him praise.

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     Congratulations, again, and thank you for the poem, it certainly was touching.

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